Our therapists specialize in deep tissue therapeutic massage. Integrating long connective strokes & muscle manipulation. Yet they cater each massage to the individual.

The therapists at Pride Massage are very well-known in the Massage community, Several have been practicing up to 20 years!

They have joined together now in Salt Lake City. Our therapists integrate their passion for healing and love of massage by educating clients mind while reviving their body.

Dan Mangum

Dan will help you target those specific needs or just help you to de-stress! Dan had had 20 years of experience relieving stress and tension with his unique combination of Sports, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Stretching and Esalen techniques. Prenatal Massage is also available for all you mother’s to be. Come to our clean, comfortable studio with soft music, dim lights, hot oil, hot towels and very talented hands for your relief!

Brandy (Brandon) Mayo

Brandy is a licensed medical massage therapist with 20 years experience specializing in medical, structural, deep tissue, trigger point therapy and soft tissue release. She graduated from Utah College of massage therapy in 1995 and continued her education in the medical field of surgical technology which gave her the ability to understand the body literally from the inside out. Brandy spent 10 years at Pride Massage where she was one of the most sought after and requested therapist and then took a short break to extend her family. She is now back working with the public. She is available Wednesday and Thursday daytime and on occasion (and in advance) on night or weekends. She is now taking new clients and with limited days and time to work, her schedule will fill up promptly.

Devin Daines

Devin is dedicated to helping people find balance with the bodies they have, and reach towards the body they want. He has a good background in Swedish and Spa techniques, and has studied more structural modalities like Myofascial work, Segmental body treatment, Spinal Touch, Sports and Thai (for clients that prefer to remain clothed). He likes clients to feel safe and secure in the room. Offering a therapeutic environment that invigorates the body, calms the mind, and is safe for emotional healing.

Kent Hogan

Kent Hogan
Kent specializes in professional therapeutic massage therapy. He has been a licensed therapist for 12 years.

Kent strives to help you with anything from relaxation, stress relief, sports related injuries or just general maintenance!

Kassie Robison

Kassie has led a vagabond life, growing up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, the southern coast and foothills of California, and in the shadow of majestic Rocky Mountains in Colorado. From a very young age, adventure and diversity of experience were encouraged in Kassie’s family.

Curiosity and connection were always driving forces in her life and led her to pursuits in the healing arts. She has five years experience in the medical field as a veterinary technician, pathology lab clerk, phlebotomist, and caregiver. She’s certified in Ashiatsu, Craniosacral 1, and Mana Lomi.

Kassie graduated from Health Works Institute in Bozeman, MT in August 2015. During her schooling she had an independent focus on integrative healing techniques and methods, studying the use of spiritual philosophy and meditation as a way to integrate physical modalities with client understanding and needs. You can view her website at